Sunday, December 19, 2010

This Reader's Review: Part I "Decoded," "Chasing Harry Winston," "Platinum," & "Getting to Happy"

There is just something about books that makes me happy. It could be the fact that I love words. Or that a great journey in a book can take me far. Or it could just be my love for libraries as well. A good day will always involve a great book for me. It's my happy place. I read really fast. As if I'm in a rush to live through it. I get a rush from reading, same feeling I get when I write. There is nothing that comes close to that feeling. I just love books. They are just about my favorite thing since I am big on words. I've read some really great books this year. thought I would share them with you. Enjoy!

* "Decoded" - Jay-Z & dream hampton

An amazingly in depth look at Jay-Z's lyrics and aspects of his life. I love the way dream was able to pull such intimate stories from Jay. The book is a great read. It made me a bigger fan of Jay as an artist and as a man. dream worded the book wonderfully. This is a must read for any true Hip-Hop fan such as myself.

* "Chasing Harry Winston" - Lauren Weisberger

This was a whimsical tale of a group of women trying to get to their happily ever afters. It is witty and comical and honest. I love the author's point of view of the characters and their individual stories. I am a fan of Lauren's work. Her books always make me happy though from beginning to end.

* "Platinum" - Aliya S. King

Probably the best peek behind the Hip-Hop elite's curtains. Aliya spins a great tale of these great Hip-Hop artists and the women who love and put up with them. The author has a way of writing that makes you root for even the most awful of characters. I saw a lot of characteristics of real life big time artists within the pages of this novel. The viewpoint of this novel is that of the wives, girlfriends, fiancees, and side chicks. She is currently working on the follow up to this novel. It is entitled "Diamond Life" and its written from the viewpoint of the men in the first book. I cannot wait to catch up with these characters that I love.

* "Getting to Happy" - Terry McMillan

This is the follow up to "Waiting to Exhale." We get to see what has become of our favorite women. There is a lot of bitterness and sadness in this book. It was a great read but I felt conflicted. In a book entitled "Getting to Happy," one would think that there would be a whole lot of happiness in it. That is not the race for the most part. It was nice to find out what happen after WTE and there is supposedly a movie in the works. I will go see it.

This is just a short review of the things that I have read recently. Peep them out. Let me know what you think as well.

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