Friday, December 31, 2010

My Year in Preview: Looking Ahead to 2011

It's time to say goodbye to 2010. It was quite a year. I am hopeful, determined, and clearly excited about the new year. Going into 2011, I am the most optimistic that I've ever been. My mind is so clear and fully focused. I know what I want and that I will get it all. I know now that what God has for me is for me. I will meet my future face to face. I plan on moving in the direction of where my future lies. I will continue to nurture and develop my relationship with HIM. I've finally voiced my intense desire to get married and have kids. I want the whole all American family; husband, kids, dog/cat, and a house with a white picket fence (ok maybe not the fence lol). I cannot wait to be pregnant & give birth to my own kids. Specifically, two girls and a boy. I will further my education. I will def be changing career paths. I need to do something fulfilling with my life. I'm sure that writing is it. I will smile more while worrying less. I'm a firm believer in speaking it with your mouth & believing it with your heart. We give life to everything we put out into the universe. I'm finally ready to live my life. I'm excited about my future and all that it entails. I am finally on the road to my destiny. There is no better gift than that for me in 2011. So au revoir & adios to 2010 and bonjour & hola to 2011. I plan on making this year a great one!

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