Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Obsession: "Sex and the City"

*le sigh* Where do I begin?? "Sex and the City" has been an essential part of my life since the night it premiered. The people who only summarize this show as a bunch of oversexed privileged white women are mistaken. This show was about relationships. The most important ones being with yourself and your girlfriends. My friends (Ty, Reese, Shay, & Shauna) & I lived for this show. We would watch it in groups and discuss the weekly episodes daily.

I love the friendship between the four women. My favorite, of course, is Carrie. She was the core of the show. I loved her voice-overs, especially after season one. She was outlandishly stylish. I love the fact that she was a writer. I also identified with her love of shoes, although I couldn't afford them. We watch her grow for a very insecure, sex column writing, shoe buying woman to a very secure, in love, New York Times best selling author.

All the women on the show were so different personality-wise. Their friendships endured everything that life threw at them. Samantha Jones had the best one-liners. She simply did not care. Miranda was no nonsense and tough. Charlotte was the hopeless, hapless romantic. And, New York city herself was the unofficial 5th girlfriend. The backdrop to everything that was unique and special about SATC.

I still watch it when it comes on TBS nightly. I own the entire series on dvd as well as the first movie. When the second movie drops on dvd, I will own it too. I also own a SATC game that I love. this show was just amazing to me. I loved it from day one. I still do. I always will. The topics of discussion are still relevant to my life and the lives of the women I surround myself with. There will never be a show that captures a moment so perfectly to me.

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