Sunday, March 25, 2012

Twitter Killed The Celebrity

I remember when I first heard of Twitter. I joined that same day. My first celebrity follow was Solange. I've never regretted that follow. I was already a fan. Twitter made me like her more. That's the way it is with Twitter. It can make you love a celebrity or hate them. It gives you so much access to them. Too much access is clearly a bad thing. I so long for the days when celebrities were an anomaly. I want those days back. I've decided to unfollow most celebs that I like I was order to save that feeling.

When I say that Twitter killed the celebrity, I mean their image. Before Twitter, I was a huge fan of Tyrese. Dude was gorgeous with his chocolate brown skin, inviting smile, and voice of an angel. I loved his music and his films. And, then I made the fatal mistake of following him. I realized that dude was an idiot who couldn't spell to save his life. Oh and he fancies himself a relationship guru. This would be fine if he was in successful relationship/marriage. But he isn't. I can no longer take him serious. So I had to unfollow him. He isn't the only one. There are the celebs who cannot spell or speak correct English or they retweet every compliment tweeted their way. It's beyond annoying and kind of narcissistic. Erykah Badu, Diddy, Jay Electronica, Toya Wright, and Keyshia Cole all fall into that category as well.

I love the interaction that Twitter allows. It's a great social media tool. But, like every thing else, it has its down falls. You gotta take the good with the bad. It takes a while to get a feel of who a celebrity really is. Twitter can also make you a fan of someone that you weren't before. I know I love Rihanna on Twitter. She is hilarious. She is a great follow. But, for some celebrities, Twitter will be their demise. It's inevitable. It will continue to be interesting to witness. Stay tuned.

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