Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Million Dollar Dream

Do you play the lottery? The Mega Millions tickets are being bought up like hotcakes. Everyone is clamoring for a piece of that $540 million dollar dream. I am not a gambling chick. I go to casinos for the free drinks and the buffets. I've never been big on throwing away money. That's what the lottery represents to me. The odds are ridiculous when it comes to actually being a big winner. I'm the girl who brings a set amount of money to the casino. I do not like to lose my money. The lottery in all forms feel like a huge swindle to me. I've purchased a bunch of scratch offs over the years. Those are fun. But, again, it's not something I do often. It's easy to get caught up in the winning free money hype. I mean, how could one not? The allure of winning enough money to set one up for life is sometimes to hard to ignore.

Today, on the advise of someone I love, I indulged in a Mega Millions ticket or two. I mean, it is up to $540 million dollars. That is an insane amount of money. I cannot even wrap my mind on that type of money. So, I allowed myself to dream a little. There's no way I could spend that kind of money in my lifetime. On the advise of my financial advisor, I would initially invest 85% of it. I would let it draw interest for me. I would build the house of my dreams. I mean everything I've ever wanted in a home would be in it. My house would be my favorite places to be. I would, of course, take care of my family. I would finally scratch this international travel itch that I've had since I was 13. I would just want to live comfortably for the rest of my days. Be a stay at home Mom to my future kids while writing the books that the world craves. Nothing truly extravagant. No ridiculously expensive cars or over priced clothes. Jewelry would be an investment *wink*

I've seen too many shows about Lottery winners who end up broke. That makes no sense to me. I wouldn't, however, be an open bank for family and friends. I'm sure that's how a good portion of lottery winners go broke. I would want to make sure that my kids are taking care of for life. I wouldn't want them to want for anything ever. Not that I would spoil them...too much. The money would make life easier. But I wouldn't bet my happiness on it. In the words of B.I.G., "more money, more problems." Being able to provide for my family would make me immensely happy though. The Mega Millions lottery is a huge pie in the sky dream. $540 million dollars could buy a lot of dreams. Go head, but a piece of that dream!!

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