Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jay Z's Free SXSW Concert

Jay Z is my favorite rapper. Point blank period. No one comes close in my opinion. I love concerts. I've been to more than I can count. All were memorable. Tonight, I along with thousands of others watched a free YouTube streamed Jay concert. Dressed in a black button down, hat that was adorned with what I'm sure was a marijuana plant, jeans and the new Air Yeezy's, Shawn Carter took the stage. He always seems so at home on the stage. I've seen him in concert a few times. This was a little different. His set and set list were different. It also just had a different vibe to it. I enjoyed all of it. Yes, I'm mad biased but a dope rapper who gives a great show is just that. I cannot stress that enough.

Although the concert was promoted via YouTube, I preferred to catch it on LowKey's website You Heard That New. It seemed sharper and sleeker there. (FYI The concert seems to be on a continuous loop, so feel free to go peep it if you missed it.) Jay performed some classics that I always love to hear. Such as "Girls, Girls, Girls," "Beach Chair," "Where I'm From," "I Just Wanna Love You." The transitions between tracks were executed flawlessly. For example, Jay did "Excuse Me Miss" and quickly went into the remix of "La, La, La"which I've never seen him perform. Effortlessly great he was tonight. But, to me, the highlight was the performance of two songs I've never seen him perform in concert. He did "Allure" which is classic to me. As well as his latest ode to his newborn daughter Blue Ivy "Glory." Those two tracks stand out the most because he never really does them. As a fan, seeing my favorite rapper have fun on stage while performing songs that are 16 years old and still enjoying it made me smile. Also finding out that "Allure" is also his favorite song was a bonus. It was just a great show. I'm glad I watched it tonight. It made me instantly happy.

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