Friday, March 23, 2012

Excessive PDA?

PDA. Public displays of affection. How much is too much? I can admit that I'm ok with an extent. I cannot stand to see a couple basically putting on a show in public. Everything isn't supposed to be viewed by everyone. What goes on between a couple should stay between that couple. Excessive kissing, groping, touching and anything else is just gross and very uncouth. I've never been that girl. I won't ahy away from holding hands, light kissing, or a sly touch or two. But, I like private things, for the most part, to stay that way.

I think its funny that the older I get, the more traditional I seem to be. There is nothing sexy about making out like teenagers in places where people have their kids. It makes one look rather loose. That's never a good look. I'm also one of the people who always think that couples who are into over the top PDA should kindly get a clue and find a room. I guess I was raised differently. My Mom did not play that. It wasn't something I ever felt the need to rebel against. Is that kind of PDA a good thing? I'm not sure. I just don't think that everyone should see me in that light. That's only for my guy's eyes. Too much is just that. I like to keep that between he and I. I mean, it's no one else's business. What say you guys? Yay or nay on excessive PDA?


  1. Anonymous12 July, 2012

    The writer above is right...FOR HER. SHE should not engage in any PDA beyond what she is comfortable with.

    But that does NOT mean she is right to try to impose that on others.

    I say that if the writer doesn't like to see PDA, she should just turn her head and look away.

    There is far too little love in the world for me to approve of anyone going around discouraging it.

    I would so much rather see a couple making out than fighting or exchanging harsh words as so many do. The fighting turns my stomach far more than loving ever could.

    1. Thanks for commenting Anonymous. Since this is my blog, my opinion should be expected right? It's what I feel about excessive PDA. I do not care for it. That has come with age. I am 30+ and this is where I am with mine. Nothing I wrote says that I am pushing my opinion on others. You do you and I will do me. I have no issue voicing my opinions on anything ever. It's why I write. Be blessed!