Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Madness

¤ Saturdays have become my favorite day of the week. Especially when I do nothing but spend it with my baby. So, yesterday was perfection. Filled with him, The Voice reruns, old Nicholas Cage movies, reading, discussions, and random extreme silliness. Yeah, that sums it up.

¤ My baby brother is home finally. It's been way too long. I'm so glad about that.

¤ Strictly drinking H²O for the last few weeks has been very interesting. I am sticking to it because I see a change in my skin. And, I realize that the more water I drink, the better I feel.

¤ I have discovered the wonders that grapeseed oil can do for my hair. It's been a great help on my transitioning hair in the last week.

¤ Surprisingly, the Sarah Palin movie "Game Change" was really good. I mean, I knew before that she was an idiot. But, the movie gave me so much more insight into just how deluded she was. And, to think, people actually voted for her.

¤ I am thinking about trying Biotin. I've been reading that it will help with hair, nail growth. It's a vitamin and natural so I'm gonna give it a go.

¤ I have truly been practicing the art of holding my tongue. It's been working. I've decided that I can't fix everything for everyone especially if they won't do it for themselves. So, now, it's an work of minimalism.

¤ I have not been up on my reading game. I have no less than 7 books that I have to read soon. I promise myself that I'm going to get back to me.

¤ I can be really silly. I love that there is at least one person who gets that about me and indulges me in it. He has no problem acting like a kid with me. And, I love that about him.

¤ This Trayvon Martin case has my spirit upset. I cannot believe that this is happening still in 2012. Where is the justice? Something has to change.

¤ I read something the other day that still has me smiling. It wasn't new information but seeing it in writing made my heart smile.

¤ I love discovering new music. Elle Varner, Mylah, & Robert Glasper have all been getting much play over here.

¤ Real talk, cramps are the spawn of the freaking devil!! It's unnatural that once a month my body betrays me. The fact that I want to cause someone bodily harm because it feels like a tiny midget is kickboxing inside my uterus is horrible. Ugh.

¤ Is winter really over? Like truly? If so, I'm so freaking happy. I'm not a fan of the cold. I prefer spring & fall. The weather is so much better. I love!!!

¤ I think its utterly ridiculous that the man behind the Stop KONY video was arrested for masturbating in public buck naked. I seriously have no words for this stupidity. None.

¤ I've been researching a few cities. I think I'm feeling Savannah, GA & Austin, TX. Both are gorgeous cities with much to offer. Serious contemplating mode now.

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