Thursday, June 02, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I spotted this picture on my Tumblr earlier. It caught my eye as I read all of the sayings that made up the two entwined hands. Communication is key to every situation and relationship. We all need to talk things out so that our actions and words are not misconstrued. Our conversations are two fold: verbal and non-verbal. All of this factors into every conversation. Sometimes I can say more with a look in my eyes than any words I could come up with. I think that I sometimes get so caught up in my mind formulating my words, sentences, thoughts that my delivery isn't exactly where I want it to be. That is a character flaw that I have been addressing lately.

Conversations warm my heart. I love to talk to my people. The topic doesn't always have to be serious or thought provoking. Sometimes we just clown because we all could use an extra laugh or three. Life can be hard. Words don't have to be. We, as humans, tend to complicate them. Our conversations can save us, restore our spirits, or just make us smile. We live for interaction, validation, acknowledgement. Conversations give us all of this and more. I know that the right words at the right moment from that special someone can make all the difference. They can literally change a bad day into a good one. That's how important that words can be. After seeing the above picture, the below videos came to mind. Let's have a little musical conversation.

"...every time our eyes meet, be talking, talking, talking talking to me. Ain't no need for words to speak..."

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