Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

For years, this day has not meant much to me. My Dad has been gone for almost 13 years. But, I've realized that instead of being sad about that, I should celebrate the great men who are fathers in my life. I know some wonderful fathers who deserve all the praise they get. My brother is an awesome father of four. He is exceptional with his kids. Seeing him with my niece and nephews warm my heart. I feel proud because I helped raise him. My friends Mike, Charles, and Dom also fall into this category. I've watched them all grow from young boys to grown men. I also would like to wish a very happy Father's Day to one of the best father's I know, Kristopher. I just want to take a moment to shine a light on the great fathers I know. So Happy Father's Day to all those I mentioned as well as all the rest that I know. So please enjoy your day, Father's!!

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