Friday, June 10, 2011

Public Proposals: Yes or No?

Proposals are a very special thing. This public proposal has gone viral. It is just about the worst response one would like to get. This video has caused me to think about some things. If you are at the marriage level in your relationship, shouldn't you know what the answer would be before hand? I cannot even imagine being proposed to when I wasn't in love. I hate to hurt someone's feelings. But I will not accept a public marriage proposal just to save some man a little bit of embarrassment. Marriage is a big deal. It's so important to me that I only plan on doing it once.

It is clear to me from the look on this woman's face that she was not feeling it. She never once smiled or radiated happiness about the proposal. She didn't seem impressed with being serenaded. And at the 2:50 mark, you can read her lips. She clearly says "You can't fix this like this." To me, that signifies that there are huge cracks in this relationship. A proposal does not wipe out any past indiscretions or past hurts. Her reaction is classic. I remember being at a party where a friend proposef to his girl. Her response was so weird and uncomfortable. After asking us what should she say and asking if the ring was real, she finally said yes. I was so sad for him. I foresaw a life of problems for him. The wedding never happened. None of us were surprised by that. Her response to his public proposal said it all.

This is why couples should discuss something as huge as marriage. I am 100% against a public proposal. I think the moment should only be about him and I. I'm not a flashy, need to be the center of attention, all eyes on me type of chick. I prefer intimacy. I would never be ok with that type of spotlight being cast on me. I'm sure the guy in the video is embarrassed as is the woman. But, he has to know what her response would be. I'm looking forward to my marriage. The proposal, the planning, the wedding and reception are all just stops along the way. What's your take on public proposals? Are they for you? Did you have one or do you want one?

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