Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh, You Random Huh?

* My routine has been shaken up this week. Adjusting has been slow going. *le sigh* I still don't like it though.

* Is it possible to miss someone so much that it hurts? Cause I swear I'm there right now :(

* Cold juicy oranges for breakfast have been a staple all week.

* My favorite cousin in the world moved away this week. That makes me sad. I miss her. She's my first friend ever.

* The NBA Finals ended up being more exciting and entertaining than I thought they would be. Still wished Lebron would've gotten his ring. Oh well, I'm still all about my #CELTICS!!!

* Beyonce's "Party," J. Cole's "Work Out," & Drake's "Marvin's Room" are my newest faves.

* I need new things to read. Me & my Kindle need to reconnect.

* I've developed a new found joy of homemade kettle corn popcorn. So very good.

* I've been very good at writing every day. Some days it's easier than others. But I write through it.

* I blogged something the other day that I hardly ever verbalize. I guess it is easier to admit it here than to any one else. It was therapeutic.

* You can't control other people. But I can control how I react. Not spazzing the hell out shows growth on my part. Seriously lol.

* Jay-Z & Kanye West's "Watch The Throne" finally has a release date: 07/04/11!! Yeeesssss!!! I cannot wait! (ETA: Just heard that date is false...super sad about that)

* Random conversations with the people who know me the best are chicken soup for the soul.

* I recently spent waaayyy too much time in Hallmark. Agonizing over picking the correctly worded card. The writer in me was at war with my options. And sadly it was all in vain :( Guess it didn't really matter in the end.

* It's 2:39 am and sleep clearly does not know my name. Insomnia blows!!! And, a worrisome soul isn't helping either.

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