Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos¡

I remember the exact moment when I heard that Tupac had passed. I was in my Mom's car on my way to a game to perform with my Pep Squad. Wild Wayne announced it on Q93. My heart literally stopped. I didn't think he would actually die. This is the same man who was shot two years before five times and lived. I mean, he left the hospital the next day to be wheeled into court. Tupac Amaru Shakur was untouchable in my eyes. He was the first rapper I ever supported. He made me a Hip-Hop fan. My favorite Tupac cd is definitely "All Eyez On Me." There was more to him than a cute face. His voice was full of emotions. His words touched me.

I felt like I knew him. Felt as if Pac was just for me. I bought his cds, saw his movies, and lived for his interviews. He played a huge part in my musical journey. His untimely death affected me deeply. I remember how sad and somber my whole squad was during that game. And how quiet we all were the following Monday in school. Pac was ours. We lost him too soon. Today is his 40th birthday. I often wonder what role he would have had in the current state of music. Wonder about how far he could have gone. I miss his often hypocritical views on things. Just felt like sharing my Tupac memories. Oh and a few of my favorite songs by him.

HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY, TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR!! You are definitely missed.

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