Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Confidence Is Key

A person with confidence will own every room they step into. That is a known fact. If you feel great about you and your ability, no one can knock that. It's a wonderful feeling. What's wrong with confidence? Nothing. Confidence is a great character trait to hold. It's the way we feel about ourselves. The manner in which we evaluate our own worth. Confidence can sometimes come off as arrogance or cockiness when used aggressively.

I'm sure about the woman I am. My talents, my strength, and my intelligence all play a role in how confident I am and how I'm perceived. I have to give thanks to my Mom for instilling a great foundation in me. She taught me early that I was beautiful inside and out as well as smart as a whip. I never took those words for granted. I also learned early that even if I wasn't 100% confident in something, I faked it until I was. I wasn't going to allow any thing or any one to stop me.

Confidence is a sexy trait. In a man, I happen to admire their ability to walk that fine line of confidence versus arrogance. Especially if said man is wearing a nice suit and great smile while doing so. Any person who exudes confidence will own any situation they approach. That is a win-win. Confidence is key to success in all areas of life. How confident are you? Are there areas that you aren't as confident in? Tell me all about it.

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