Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Daydreams are defined as "a reverie indulged in while awake." The definition is beyond accurate. I have always had a very vivid and active imagination. I was an only child for a while. I was never bored. I would create these elaborate stories and plays and act them out with my dolls and teddy bears. Once I was in school, a teacher told me that I was definitely a right-brained child because of this creativity. I spent a lot of time daydreaming. I was always finished my school work quickly. I used to turn my day dreams into short stories.

Day dreams became a very integral part of my life. Even now, I still find myself caught up in them from time to time. Before the day dreams consisted of whimsical things. I guess one could say that they were childish issues. They were fun and light and happy. As an adult, the focus of these day dreams have shifted greatly in subject matter. The older I get, the more family centric my day dreams have become. I day dream about children, pregnancy, marriage, weddings, houses and vacations. Funny how one's inner desires change so drastically over time.

Sometimes, I can get so caught up in my day dreams. They are what I see in my immediate future. I have to rein in my thoughts. My day dreams are full of reverie. I feel the need to indulge in my day dreams just to see what the outcome will be. I love to day dream. It's the writer in me. It's the one time when being in my head isn't such a negative thing. Just like my dreams, I feel the need to make my day dreams come true as well. I think that is why I love them so much. They give me some insight on my true wants and needs. Excuse me, while I get into my latest day dream!

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