Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ladies Love Lyrics: Case "No Regrets"

Sometimes you hear a song and it stops you in your tracks. This happened yesterday. Case has always been a fave of mine. His early cd's were golden to me. This track "No Regrets" features Charlie Wilson and has always made me happy. This is about a losing a love but really wanted it back. Case has a voice that makes me feel every word he sings. Get into the video above and the lyrics below. I know you guys will love it like I do. 

"Loving you was incredible
It came so natural to me
Cause you were always available
For every one of my wants and needs
We always talked about settling down
Raising a family 
But sometimes in life our plans ain't meant to be, ooh yeah

Baby I've tried
But couldn't say
What I really did want from you
Baby and now
My life, my life hasn't been the same
No, no, no babe
Can we give it a chance
Can we start all over again
Before we throw it all away, I just need to know

Here I go around again
Just won't let it die
Being wrong or being right
I just have to try
Love leads me right back to you
It never tells me why
I ain't gonna go through life
With no regrets

Now we can start by makin' apologies
But saying sorry ain't gonna make it right
All the spiteful things you done said to me
Cause I heard you a million times
But now I've learned how to express
What's really on my mind
So I'm telling you
I need you in my life..."

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