Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ladies Love Lyrics: A Little Neo-Soul Today

I'm in a neo-soul mood today. So I had to share some of my faves by The Foreign Exchange, Dwele and Eric Roberson. Both of these aren't new songs but they are timeless to me. If you don't know these artists, you need to get into them. Great music is good for your soul. Remember that. I am a fan of all of these artists. They all make music that my soul craves. These songs are just the tip of the iceberg for the catalogs of each. Let's get into this music and these lyrics. Enjoy this vibe I'm setting, people!

"Laying here girl
wondering if I am on your mind.
Cause when you're gone
it seems the clock is never kind.
I wait in the morning
yearning to kiss your lovely face
only to find it is the pillow my lips embrace.
Now what can I do
when happiness I find, I find in you
As if it rains on my parade 
every minute of each hour of each day 
that you;re not around
my heart just wears a frown..."

"If only for one moment
Accept me as your king
In return I'll turn to love you
My hand, your neck, no screams.
Tap me once if its too much pressure
Tap twice if you need to breath
Don't play tough if you're not ready
Before you faint on me
Obey, stay in place
Oh, as I grab your waist
Don't get mad if I bury your face
I might snatch your hair if it's real
Ride the wave,take all day
But first obey!"

"Listen, so hard to read between the lines.
Just know you are mine,
I am yours, nothing more.
Looking for the way to
ask you to stay here with me.
One more night, one more day.
So, I lay here beside you.

Nothing better to do
What could be sweeter than you?
With nothing better to do,
I'm asking what could be sweeter than you?"

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