Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Art of Letting Go

When I read the above on Tumblr, I knew it was a message just for me. I needed to read it. Needed to receive it. Bottom line, I needed to forgive all. Forgiveness is hard. It's hard to let go of the pain a person has caused you, hard to let go of your feelings after the hurt. But, holding on to it, doesn't make you better. I've been writing a lot about forgiveness. Who needs it, who deserves it and why it is such a hard thing to do for me. I not like being angry or sad. I don't care to hold on to the anger any longer. Simply put, I forgive you, each of you, who has ever done me wrong. I have to forgive people but not for their sake, for my own. Forgiveness is a gift I am giving to myself. I have been happier in this short year than I was all of 2013. I decided that happiness was the path I wanted to travel. I wake up with a purpose and try my hardest to not let others shake me. Since I am on the pursuit of happiness, forgiveness is a given. Forgiveness is not about the offender. It's always about the offended. Forgiveness is the gift you can give yourself. This is a valuable lesson to receive and learn. Holding on to that hurt and pain only harms you. I am stubborn. Sometimes I don't want to forgive some one who has hurt me. 

I am learning to forgive myself first. I have to forgive myself for the hurt I may have caused others as l as myself. I have to forgive me for loving too hard and protecting those who did not deserve my protection. I've forgiven a few people I never thought I would. No, I've never said the words to them. I just confessed it with my mouth and believed it with my heart. I simply let go. Why hold on to dead weight? I needed to forgive them for my own health and sanity. I needed the closure. I've held onto some of them way too long. In doing that, I unwittingly gave my offender control. I let him/her live rent free in my head. And, that isn't good for me or any of us. Every beginning deserves an end. I forgave my offenders and forgot them as well. It was a great gift to me for me. I like how much lighter my shoulders feel. Love the way my heart isn't heavy any longer. I even forgave myself for allowing someone to harm me, break my heart and/or hurt my feelings. That was the most important issue. Is there some one in your life you need to forgive? Stop holding on to it and them. Not now, but right now. Do it for you!  "Forgive, and you will be forgiven." - Matt 6:14

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