Saturday, February 15, 2014

Get Into It: JoJo

JoJo is a singer I have liked since her first single. She appeared on the scene as a cute teeny bopper soul singer. She released two studio albums and a few mixtapes. I really fell for her voice when she did this cover of SWV's "Weak" on her debut cd "JoJo" in 2004. As a Valentine's Day gift to her fans, she tweeted the #LOVEJO EP  yesterday. JoJo has been through hell trying to get off her former label Blackground Records. She was locked into a horrible contract. When she wanted out, they refused and also wouldn't put out any new music. So, she went the mixtape/free music route. Her voice has always been amazing to me. She is only 23 and her voice keeps getting better. She finally got her release and is now signed to Atlantic Records. She is currently working on her third studio album. I know it will be dope. This is just something to hold her fans over until it's ready. Get into JoJo and her cover of Anita Baker's "Caught Up In The Rapture." 

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