Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's My Hair: Experimentation

I LOVE my hair. I really love it. This is something that being on this natural hair journey has given m e: hair confidence. I love the versatility of my own God-given hair. I am in love with it. Even on the days that my twist outs aren't completely dry and the style I tried doesn't quite turn out the way I felt it should, I still love it. I have been very experimental with my hair this year. More bantu knot outs, wash and go's and pinup's. My hair amazes me daily. I am learning that my hair demands a lot of moisture because it is so thick. I use the LOC (liquid, oil & cream) method when I do my hair, emphasizes on the oil part. I have stopped cowashing or prepooing my hair every week. Now, I do it every two weeks or so since I am fully natural now. It takes so long to air dry. I try to avoid using heat on my hair at all costs. This means I will usually wash my hair on a Friday or Saturday night so that it has the weekend to dry completely. This is the only method that works for me. 

I've learned that less is more with hair products. Also, things I can make in my own kitchen are always a great thing. I think I am going to avoid straighten my hair all year if I can. I have no real need for it. I do need to get my ends trimmed soon though. I haven't set foot in a salon in over 3 years. That is huge for someone who lived and died by them. I don't miss it. Have I mastered all there is to know about natural hair? Not hardly. Am I a pro at all natural hair styles? No way. What I am doing is having fun with my own hair. Good or bad, right or wrong, I am learning what works for me and my natural hair. It's an interesting journey to be on. I love it though. It's my hair and I am conquering it. Just wanted to check in with my fellow naturalistas. Hope everyone is loving their hair as much as I am. Enjoy your God-given hair, ladies!!

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