Monday, April 25, 2011

Ladies Love Lyrics: Algebra's "At This Time"

At this time
In this place you are , are all mine
And at this moment in my life, you belong to me.. to me..
Ohhhh weee.Ohh .. ooooo.. ohh

I don't think its wrong
I cant help it
My mind asks my heart
If she felt it (I did)
I can only ask for so much (please)
I will settle for this touch (right here)
My arms brag to each other about how you feel (feel so good)
From conversations I know what they feel is... real

The past it didnt last
The present went too fast (too fast)
The future so will be I wish that far I could see but

At this time at this time (at this time)
In this place, you are mine
And at this moment
In my life
You belong to me
Oh to me

Forgive me if my hunger conflicts what you wish (im so sorry)
I pray that for moments you will only be consumed by me
Often times we receive and then regret
I havent had a reason yet (not yet)

This is the time God meant for us to be ( night now)
This is the place he allowed us to meet ( right here)

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