Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can I Just Be Over It?

Over-thinking. Over-analyzing. Stressing out. All parts of my life that I could use a whole lot less of. I am just about over it and them. I am always in my head. about anything and everything. Even after I've made a decision, I am still thinking about it. I analyze people, places, and things non-stop. It is commonplace with me. It's a part of my DNA. It's what I do. Some say it is my Sagittarian nature. I'm not exactly sure what it is but I know its who I am.

Sometimes there are questions that I have agonized over in my head for weeks. I hate to ask them. But, the answers are needed dearly in my life. I can literally make myself ill with worry. It's really not a healthy habit. I just do not know any other way. I am who I am. All of my little idiosyncrasies make me who I am. I do not worry others with this issue. I tend to keep it to myself for the most part. People always tell me not to stress over over think. But, that is easier said than done. It's very hard to break life long habits that are a deep part of your character.

Over-thinking and over-analyzing a situation does nothing for the situation honestly. It just stresses me out even more. I hate to fail. I would hate to make the wrong choice about something that could affect me for life. But what does calm me down is the fact that I know that life is always about those choices. that no matter what choice I make or don't make, life goes on. And that if I mess it up (which I def have in the past and will probably do in the future), I can fix it in my future. Free will is kind of awesome like that. My outside demeanor is always pretty cool. I'm really good at that. I have decided that working on this is a priority for me. Fingers crossed and prayers sent up that I can do it.

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