Saturday, October 19, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

I have been on a winning streak lately. I have won a few things in the last year. I am not complaining. Well, if only I could hit the Powerball, then all would be well :p I wanted to acknowledge how awesome my winnings were. I think that you have to show and tell people how much I appreciate it. Good customer service is the key to any great business. Even though I was a winner, I was treated with the utmost respect from all the parties involved. That means a lot to me. Ok, let's dish!

I followed the historical EBONY magazine on Twitter because I grew up reading the magazine. It was a staple in my house. I love it. I love their Twitter feed because of the weekly Ebony chat. It's always interesting questions about issues that affect my life and my people. Every Wednesday, there is also a giveaway called "That Thing" where a dope prize is given away to the first person to tweet the correct response. I won a pair of Nick Cannon and Monster products Ntune headphones. I was stoked!!! Because I have been contemplating getting some Beats by Dre. But, nothing beats free. The Ntune headphones are pretty dope. I love how much clearer my music sounds with them. I received a pair of the orange ones. I practically use them every single day. That's how much I love them. They retail for $129.95. I love that they do not have to be charged. they do not require batteries. They are cute and stylish as well as very functional. Thank you to Ebony for a great prize!!

And, there was the Instagram/Twitter contest I won. Global Couture teamed up with Natty Coco for a very dope giveaway which was the second thing I won. It was a natural hair care giveaway. Natty Coco was offering 3 different products: a herbal leave in mist, hair/scalp oil and whipped shea butter. All are products I was interested in using. I was pleasantly surprised when I received my package. I was sent the three products plus a handwritten note and a natural hair tee from Natty CoCo's tee line. It was unexpected. It is also a very cute tee. I wore it the other day and got so many compliments on it. I referred a few folks to her online store. Also, Global Couture has a store with dope tees. The Natty Coco hair products were amazing. I am loving my braid out after using them. I will be doing a review soon. Great products, great customer service from both ladies. Thank you guys!! I am digging my winning streak. I feel very lucky to win these great products. 

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