Friday, October 25, 2013

Movie Review: "Captain Phillips"

When it comes to movies, one can never go wrong with Tom Hanks. I have never seen a Tom Hanks movie that I didn't enjoy. He is the most amazing actor. He tackles each role and always kills it. He is the quintessential actor of our time. I am a member of Gofobo, which is a website/program that sends me free pass to advance movie screenings for free!! If you are not a member, you should definitely get into them. I mean, what's better than free right? So, when I received an email from Gofobo, I was excited to see that it was for Hanks' new movie "Captain Phillips." This movie is based on a real account of Somali pirates hijacking a ship. I do not know what I was expecting but this film blew me away. Hanks was exceptional as was Barkhad Abdi who played Muse, the head Somalian pirate. 

Before watching the movies, I researched the issue a little. So, I had a basic concept of what it was going to be about. The movie was really good.  I loved the interaction between Hanks and the Somalian pirates. I was enthralled with the film. The acting and the way it was shot was incredible. I particularly amazed with the scenes in the lifeboat. There was some top tier acting going on here. IT was a great movie. I truly enjoyed it. I actually saw it twice. Both times for free :) IF you are a Tom Hanks fan, you will love this movie as well. If you are interested in the story, you will enjoy it. I know that I did. Get into it: "Captain Phillips."

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