Monday, October 21, 2013

It's My Hair: Product Review and New Style

It's that time again: hair talk. I am sure that anyone reading this blog can tell how excited I still am about my natural hair journey. It's been quite interesting. The other day I won some natural hair products via Natty Coco. I could not wait to use the hair and Scalp oil, Leave in herbal mist, and whipped shea butter. I used all three after cowashing my hair. I used them with my braid out. My results, as seen above, were amazing!!! Loved my hair after using the Natty Coco products. The whipped butter has to be my favorite amongst the three. I t smells so good and feels even better. I can already tell that these products will be added to my hair regimen asaptually. Great products from a great company. You guys should get into it. 


Then, I decided to try something totally out of the blue for me. Since I began researching natural hair styles and techniques, I've avoided one thing: wash and go's. I just assumed that wash and go's were for the 3a-c ladies. I just didn't think it was meant for us 4a-c ladies. So, while cowashing my hair, I decided to step out on faith. I already had leave in conditioner in my hair. So, I added a little Curls Unleashed Mousse and Curling Jelly to my hair. That was it. I was done. I liked the definition of my curls and the overall look of my hair. I left to run errands. My hair was great the entire time I was out. BUT (there has to be a but right) I wasn't as happy with it once my hair completely dried. I was left with more of an afro than I would have liked. So, in theory, this was a dope idea. In actuality, not so much. I ended up bantu knotting my hair the next day. It was a great experiment and experience though. Anyway, I will continue to try new things with my hair. I mean, why not? It's fun and my hair is so important to me. I love being natural :) Until next time, keep it kinky, naturalistas!!!

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