Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Random Thoughts For October

  • My "The 90's Throwback!" R&B playlist on Spotify is crack. If you're a music lover like myself and you miss the feel/sound of 90's r&b, you should def get into my playlist. Go ahead, don't be shy. I'm always adding to it. Gonna work on a 90's hip hop playlist next. 
  • Family gatherings can either go really right or really wrong. Our last one went really right. Had an amazing time celebrating my Uncle and Aunt's birthday with my family. They are seriously some of the non-intentionally funny folks I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. More than anything, I enjoyed the laughter. 
  • I keep wondering about one thing. It's the one question that's haunted me for months. I've racked my brains day after day, night after exhausting night. I replay moments, conversations and memories constantly in my head. I've literally made myself sick about this. And, I cannot figure it out. I wish the one with the answers would just be real with me. 
  • I need to learn how to let go of the people who have voluntarily left my life and appreciate the ones who have stayed. They deserve that from me. 
  • Had a impromptu dinner and movie night with my brother. It's been a minute since we just sat and hung out. It was chicken soup for the soul. He's still one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. 

  • Ummm, "Scandal" is finally back!!! The premiere was e-very-thing!!! Us Gladiators could not be happier. The above gif is one of my favorite Brolivia Pope aka Harrison Wright moments. Cannot wait to see where Shonda and her team of writers and Scandal cast take us during season 3. Grab you some popcorn and red wine and plant yourself in front of the tv on Thursday nights at 9pm. Get into it. 
  • I just finished reading Terrence J's new book "The Wealth of My Mother's Wisdom." It was very interesting and a great read. I will have to review it soon.
  • I'm officially Teedy Kenda for the 9th time!! My new niece Sydnei is here. She is a week old today. The feeling that being an aunt gives me will never get old. I have a feeling that only one feeling could eclipse it: being a Mom. 
  • I think I need to go see a physician. I truly cannot sleep. It's so bad now. I took Ambien the other night and still stayed up all night. This is not good or healthy. If I could stop myself from over thinking every single though, maybe I could sleep better. I am also depending on cappucinco's entirely too much to get me through the day. Something has to shake soon on this subject. I am over it. And, I'm tired and sleepy :-(

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