Friday, October 04, 2013

Ladies Love Lyrics: Raheem Devaughn "Ridiculous"

Sometimes a song just grabs you. It's exactly what happened the moment I heard Raheem DeVaughn's "Ridiculous." The melody was enticing but those lyrics were e-very-thing to me. I am a Raheem fan. His new project "A Place Called Loveland" is as amazing as his past ones. This is one of my faves on it. Life has been more than ridiculous this year so the song fits. Go ahead and get into the goodness of this track. Enjoy. 

"I never say that every choice I make
Everyone was going like
I never say that satisfies the masses it's how I will live my life
I never once said I say all of my decisions would be right
I never say I would ignore my heart and listen just my mind
I know it looks like I've crazy but in the way of love
what does, I'’ll be crazy for us

So call me a fool, call me insane
Tell me the loving you the way I do is ridiculous
I don’t mind, no I don’t mind
Forget the rules I’m over the game
Baby if loving the way you the way you do is ridiculous
Then call me ridiculous, call me ridiculous

Every one know what I’m suppose to do,
Everybody says I’m out my mind to feel what I feel for you
Every body needs to mind their own to this love I'm not brand new
See I know when its real love, though they think I don’t have a clue
I do
And I know it looks like I've gone crazy (I know its looks like I'm crazy)
But in the way of love, then what does…, I’ll be crazy for us..."

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