Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rant: Oh, Kanye!

Kanye West is a genius. He tells you so in every interview he has given in the last few years. The problem with such a proclamation is that if you're constantly telling everyone what you are, no one has a chance to believe it for themselves. Humble is a word Kanye does not seem to know. He is flashy and . I have no issue with one thinking they are the best. Why shouldn't one think this? I have an issue with that thinking being rammed down my throat. Especially when the product you are mostly known for, the music, hasn't been that great lately. I have a fan. Have been since he was an underground, unknown kid trying to get put on. But, I was very disappointed with "Yeezus." I did not find it innovative or groundbreaking. I just found it weird. After a few months, I really only listen to one of the ten songs, which is "Bound 2." I also don't think his fashion designs or choices have been that great either. Leather kilt anyone? Just no, Kanye. I don't see it for you in that way. 

Then, comes the idiotic one-sided Twitter war with late night tv host Jimmy Kimmel. It was just dumb. Kanye graced the show with his presence last night. This wasn't an interview. Kimmel was the backdrop for another epic Ye rant. Ye went off on a tangent about 100 different things. Most of which had nothing to do with his reasoning for being on the show or any of the 4 questions Kimmel asked. It was just weird. Ye was talking super fast and was extremely animated. And, I was over it after the first half of it. I stared at the tv with the illest "Boy what?" face especially once he said that Kim deserved a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. *Excuse my language* But, NIGGA WHAT?!? For what? She is famous for being famous. She has no real discernible talent. I do not care if he is head over heels in love with her. That is great. But, stop trying to make her happen for us. I do not care for anything dealing with her or her family. I kinda wish they would all go far, far away and leave us alone. Ye's Kimmel appearance did not help Ye. It did bolster Kimmel's ratings because I do not watch his show ever. Where there may have been moments of sheer greatness, Kanye's hyper speak and ridiculousness overshadows all of it. It made for go fodder on Twitter. Either or, I'm over Ye's rants for ever. Also, if the music isn't going to get better, I could be over that aspect of him as well. That makes me sad on so many levels because I am a fan. Kanye, just stop it already. 

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