Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rant: Trayvon is Not A Joke, Blackface is Not Acceptable

The idiots above are William Feline, Caitlin Cimeno and Greg Cimeno. They are portraying Trayvon MArtin and George Zimmerman. For Halloween and for fun I guess. WHY?!?! Who are you deplorable human beings? I cannot even put into words how pissed I am about this. 

NEWSFLASH: THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR!! EVER!! Blackface is never culturally or morally appropriate. I do not know why people, especially white people, do not get this. It is offensive on so many levels. I'm offended that anyone thinks that a 17 year old murdered child is funny and ripe to be mocked via a Halloween costume. Who raised you no couth, no morals having folks?!? Where do you even come from? This is sick and disgusting. It is WRONG. There is no other way to spin it or see it. If you find this funny or cute, then something is wrong with you as well. This is what's wrong with the world right now. Folks are clearly insane. 

Actress Julianne Hough (above) did not get the memo that this is unacceptable. Why doesn't anyone get that you can portray Black characters like Crazy Eyes of "Orange Is The New Black" without donning Blackface? I cannot even imagine how disheartened Sybrina and Tracy, Trayvon's parents must feel. Isn't it bad enough that their son was murdered, that their dead son was put on trial for his own death basically and that his murderer got away with the crime? When is enough finally going to be enough? White people, get it together. This is not a situation to be mocked or ridiculed. If you are one of the sick ones who decided that Blackface was the way to go for Halloween or any other occasion, DON'T. Reconsider. Find the nearest stadium and have every seat in it. Also, pray because clearly you need Jesus. I just cannot with these people. Ugh.

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