Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ladies Love Lyrics: Arian Grande's "Almost Is Never Enough"

I thought that Ariana Grande was just a little pop girl. I did not believe that her music was for me. Then, I heard "Almost Is Never Enough" and I was proven wrong. I haven't listened to her whole cd but this song is amazing to me. I love everything about it.  It has a very early Mariah feel to it. The name truly speaks to me. Because "Almost Is Never Enough." I've played it every day since I heard it last week. I even purchased the single. Yes, I love it that much. 

"I'd like to say we gave it a try
I'd like to blame it all on life
Maybe we just weren't right, 

but that's a lie, that's a lieAnd we can deny it as much as we want
But in time our feelings will show

Cause sooner or later
We'll wonder why we gave up
The truth is everyone knows

Almost, almost is never enough
So close to being in love
If I would have known that you wanted me
The way I wanted you
Then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart
But right here in each other's arms

And we almost, 
we almost knew what love was
But almost is never enough

If I could change the world overnight
There'd be no such thing as goodbye
You'd be standing right where you were
And we'd get the chance we deserve..."

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