Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Used & Abused

There's a saying that everyone uses everyone. I think that saying and act sucks. I don't think I necessarily believe in that. I despise being used. I truly hate when I know I'm being used. It's a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'm not sure how people who use other people can live with their actions. It's a bad way to live ones life in my opinion.

I do not like fairweather people. You know the type. They only come around or call when they need you. I personally believe that if you don't have the decency to seem how I'm doing once in s while then you don't care about me. I'm not the best at calling people all the time. But I'm definitely known for sending a text or an email. I try my best to keep in contact with those I love and care about. It burns me up when I feel like someone is using me. It's an insult to my intelligence and compassion.

I also find it ironic and sad when someone who is clearly attempting to use me cops an attitude when I say no. No is a powerful word."No, you will not use me." "No, you will not walk all over me." "No, you will not take my kindness for weakness." When I say no, I mean it. It took me a long time to get assertive and comfortable enough to say no. To not allow my people to use me. I may have ruffled some feathers along the way but I did what was best for me. It take a lot to get under my skin. This issue does it easily.

It's funny that recently this refers more to family than anyone else. Just because I'm free doesn't mean I have to do anything for anyone. It's the beauty of not being a parent yet. I'm not responsible for anyone nor do I have to answer to anyone. Some people may not like it. But for my sanity, I have to come from a place of no where they are concerned. I'm out of the being used business. I cannot continue to let people use me. It's not for me. So I'm done. Over it. Guess they will have to find someone else to use.

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