Friday, March 04, 2011

Believing in the Impossible

"They believed what everyone else thought was impossible." - Trevor "Journey To The Center Of The Earth"

While watching the above quoted movie for the first time tonight, that one line stuck with me. How awesome is it to believe in something wholeheartedly when no one else does? And to also find out your belief is the truth. It's vindication at its best. I think too many people doubt our beliefs because they just cannot see things the way others do.

I'm my biggest fan, my own personal cheerleader. I believe in my own ideas, abilities, and thoughts. I don't get caught up in what others think. I forge ahead when I see my vision clearly. It's awesome when your team fully supports you. It's a great feeling. But, in actuality, I've learned that I don't need it to believe. What I see in my mind may never be viewed by others as enthusiastically as I would. People sometimes need to physically see your plan. That's ok. I love to prove them wrong.

My confidence in myself pushes me to accomplish things. I like to cross the finish line. There are certainly times when I need a helping hand. Now, if someone offers, I will accept. I'm getting much better with asking for help. It's really a foreign concept to me. I fix things. I complete stuff on my own. That's the way I've been for 31 years. But I am changing, evolving, and growing.

Believing in impossible things keeps one sharp and young. In the movie, Max believed that a another world existed inside of our world at the center of the Earth. He didn't stop until he proved his theory to be true. That's perseverance. That takes heart and determination. I will always believe in myself and in impossible things. How else will I figure out how far I can climb? Dream big. Believe in the impossible.