Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ladies Love Lyrics: "Lose Myself"

I don't know why but for the last few days I've been more into lyrics than normal. The lyrics have been speaking to a deep space in my soul. I think some things I just needed to hear. The latest song that touched me was Marsha Ambrosius' "Lose Myself." I loved this song from my first listen. However, earlier today, the lyrics stood out to me. The idea of losing yourself to learn to love someone better is crazy but genius. Because sometimes you have to let go to hold on. The poet in me was pleased immensely by that. Just wanted to share what was on my musical mind with you guys.

(chorus) I had to lose myself so I could love you better
I had to lose myself, had to lose myself so I could
Love you better, lose myself in love
And that’s just the way it is?

Couldn’t tell me I was in love when I needed it
When all I ever wanted was love.
Should a told me I was worth receiving it
But all I ever wanted was love
There’s something awkward about the selflessness it
takes to give love and the good that it makes you!
True love can never really forsake you
But it took a little while just for me to see!


I had a paralyzing fear of facing failure
and I couldn’t love you perfectly with that fear in my head
So I perilously had to face the danger
So I could come back and love you whole instead
All of your soul I said!

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