Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello, I'm a Logophile!!

As far back as I can remember, I've been enamored with words. I talked early and read early. Words were and still are my thing. I also believe that it was predestined that I would find my voice through the written word. I didn't know as a kid you important and special my love of words would end up being.

I am a logophile. The word is defined as a person who loves words. That is definitely me. I also find it ironic that the most perfect to define myself love of words is of Greek origin. I am slightly obsessed with the country of Greece and Greek mythology. But, I digress. As a child, I used to read the dictionary. I wanted, needed, desired to know what words meant. I still love learning new words. The act of working them into my daily vernacular excites me. In that way, I think I'm very weird. I'm very comfortable in my weirdness though.

This insatiable love of words feed right into my reading habit. I read everything and anything. I had an incredible library in my own home as a kid. Soon, I began writing short stories and poems. This was my secret. I kept a notebook with my writings and my running tab of new words I loved. This was a habit I kept well into college.

My love of words also has influenced my extreme love of music. Yes, I love a great beat but I enjoy great lyrics the most. It's what draws me to a song. I like lyrics that I can relate to. That's what defines a great song for me. It's always about the words with me. I believe I am good at expressing myself verbally. But I will always be great at expressing myself through the written word. It's my niche. I excel in it. I thrive through words.

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