Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Randomly Random

* I'm gonna be an Auntie again!!!! I'm so excited!! Cannot wait to met the new addition in October.

*This up and down weather is wrecking havoc on my sinuses. Me no likey.

* I'm concerned about my mouth. Sometimes, I just need to shut up. It's a hard lesson to learn. But, I will get it.

* Just started reading the book of Hebrews. Very interesting to me.

* Sleep is alluding me for some reason these days. Im changing that asap though.

* I really need to hear some spoken word soon. I need to be motivated by words in the worst way. Blogging is way easier than poetry. But poetry eases my mind & soothes my soul.

* I swear I'm gonna start telling my brother no. I'm not helping him. I've got to shake this big sister syndrome.

* I've become addicted to yellow cake batter frozen yogurt topped with strawberries. It's quite awesome.

* I don't feel like going out anymore. Haven't for a while now. Some of my friends don't get that. I can't explain it fully to them. I'm just over the club scene.

* I want to cut my hair. I don't know how short though.

* I've never felt like this before. I cannot fully explain it. It's more than I ever imagined it could be. I'm so loved. Amazing.

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