Thursday, March 03, 2011

Dear Diary (II)

Being able to be the bigger person comes with age & maturity. There will always be someone who will push your buttons. This person knows how to get under your skin. It's an irritating habit that they have perfected. These people live for the drama. They clearly have nothing else going on in their lives. People who are drawn to drama and/or feel the need to create it are sad individuals.

Being the bigger person is hard. It just is. Sometimes its the last thing I want to do. But, I've matured enough to know that its my best option. The reality is if I react then I'm giving the instigator exactly what they wanted. I've perfected the best response. It comes in two forms. They are the giggle and the ultimate ignore. If I am face to face with the person, I will giggle. It infuriates them deep inside. It's always an unexpected response as well. The ignore is awesome. It take all power away from the person. It gives it all back to me. The ignore, in my opinion, is the ultimate mindgame. It is the perfect ending to that situation.

I have not always been this person. It took me a while to get here. I have a smart ass mouth. I'm blunt, have a temper that has thankfully been tamed and blessed with quick wit. And, I'm intelligent to boot. So , it was nothing for me to verbally dead a confrontation. I wasn't going to let anyone try me. I have never had an issue standing up for myself or standing my ground. Anything less was never even an option. I've learned to bite my tongue and hold things in a bit more. Maturity is a wonderful gift that I appreciate every single day.

There was a situation this week that prompted this blog. I am so proud of myself for not following my first mind. I did not do or say anything out of character. So this is me patting myself on the back. I don't think I've ever uses so much restraint. I was the bigger person. What a great feeling it was!!!

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