Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I'm Random. Sue Me!

15 Random Things About Me!

15) I dislike when I cannot remember my dreams.
14) I was born left handed but my Kindergarten teacher forced me to write with my right.
13) Because of #14, I was ambidextrous for many years.
12) I absolutely love mafia movies.
11) I need to get over my fear of heights this year. I hate heights but I love to fly.
10) I wish I was more daring in some life aspects.
09) Sleep is my favorite hobby.
08) Phone calls from people I don't necessarily like annoy me. Like for real.
07) I'm an junkie. But I'm reforming.
06) I need a moment to process sometimes.
05) I'm never embarrassed by my emotions. I just go with how I feel.
04) I'm becoming a fan of the show "Harry's Law" on CBS.
03) I need to read more things this year.
02) I'm a brown skin girl who has really pale matter how long I'm in the sun. I'm two-toned lol.
01) The older I get, the more I love me. There is nothing like being comfortable in my own skin.


  1. Love #1 and #5, feel #8, and she did what (#14)?!

  2. LOL!! Girl, yes, she made me write with my right hand. Can you believe that nonsense? A mess!