Monday, February 07, 2011

Be You!

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I respectfully disagree. That's not flattery to me. It's just weird and disturbing. I don't copy any one's style. I am uniquely me. I've been thinking about this for a few days now. What is it about a person that makes them wanna emulate another all the time? Really, like who does that? I will never, ever get that.

I really hate when a female friend/acquaintance/ member copies me. I have my own sayings and colloquialisms, my own fashion style and tastes. I like the woman I've crafted myself into. I march to my own beat and drummer. I think outside of the norm and have an ill sense of humor that is an acquired taste. I don't want that kind of flattery. Definitely don't need that sort of attention.

I find it weird and concerning when I notice that behavior. If I see, hear, or read something that distinctly sounds like me, I do a double take especially if I know the person. It's very sad to me that anyone would want to be a second rate version of someone else instead of being a first rate version of themselves. It makes me wonder about their lack of self-esteem and theory upbringing. I think about what was missing in them to make them pretend to be someone else.

It's sad when the woman playing someone else is an adult over the age of 21. But even sadder if the woman is over 30. Any person over 30 should know who they are by now. Or they could possibly spend the rest of their life searching. But this search should not be through someone else. Find your identity. Be yourself. No one else can be you. This behavior is just so odd to me. I was raised to be an individual and a leader. Being a copycat is clearly contradictory to my fundamentals. I could never be that chick. I love being me too much to even consider playing another.

It's really funny because no one can do me the way I do. All of my little things make me distinctly me as yours make you you. I think these copycat's just don't get that. No matter how hard they try, they could never truly be the person they are trying to be. Have you ever encountered such a person? Is this behavior more prevalent in females? Talk to me!

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