Sunday, November 16, 2014

Around the E-Streets (XVI)

  • Bill Cosby doesn't get that he is no longer seen as the Cosby of yesterday. He decided to challenge Twitter to meme him with the hashtag #Cosbymeme. This article made me laugh. 
  • Diem Brown of MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge fame has died at the age of 32. I always liked her on the shows. She succumbed to her third bout of cancer. 
  • This week's episode of "Scandal" was one of the best ever. Olivia got out-Poped by Papa Pope. Things are getting very interesting. 
  • Street harassment is a REAL thing. Women are being killed for simply NOT talking to strangers on the street. Where is the justice in that?
  • Could someone please get one Piers Morgan all the way out of the paint please? He decided to write an article about the n-word. I won't link to it, but here's a rebuttal article that's worlds better. Here's a clue, Piers, we (Black people), do not need any words from a white man on the subject.

  • TIME magazine thinks that the word "feminist" should be banned. It's among a group of words that the writers at TIME thinks are one of the worst words of 2014. There is something inherently wrong with this. 
  • I have just gotten into one of the most captivating podcast. It's "Serial." And, it's a week by week look at a murder case. It's so good. 
  • BET has made the decision to cancel "106 & Park." The powers that be have decided to move the show into a digital only setting. I don't think this is a good idea. The final televised show will be December 19th. Farewell 106.
  • A Minneapolis Superintendent, Ms. Bernadeia Johnson, has implemented a new policy. After learning that Black students are suspended 10 times more often than white children, she decided a change needed to occur. She now "requires that all schools must obtain permission from her office for all non-violent suspensions of non-White students." I think this is a great move. 
  • The N.O.P.D. stays messing up. They've been known for it for decades. But, this story of mishandling rape kits, victims and cases is reprehensible.

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