Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'm Sorry, Michael Brown

No indictment for Darren Wilson. That's what the Ferguson Grand Jury decided after 109 days after Michael Brown was shot down in broad daylight by an overzealous cop. And, now his killer will not even face charges or a trial. This is what justice looks like in the so-called "Post-racial" America. I knew there would be no justice for Michael Brown, but I’m still hurt. I’m so upset I’m shaking. They really don’t care about us. Our lives aren’t safe. We aren’t the ones protected. Over 100 days to tell the world that Mike Brown deserved to die. Over 100 days to stand up and lie on television. I don’t want the people to riot but we’ve been peaceful far too long. We were peaceful when they let Trayvon’s killer walk. This isn’t just nor is it justice. Our skin doesn’t make us criminals or guilty. I’m so upset. I’m so sorry, Mike Brown, that the same people we pay and elect to serve us took your life and showed no remorse. Where is the justice in this? 


Black people are fed up. We are angry as hell. It's as if the police have declared that it is open season on Black people. This is not right. I am beyond tired of tweeting "RIP _________" or "#JusticeFor____." When will enough be enough? I'm tired of asking the same questions, tired of feeling this heaviness every single time another Black person's life being struck down by a white person. It's taken me all day to get my thoughts somewhat together on this issue to write. Mainly because I cannot believe the powers that be. There is still an ongoing federal investigation into Darren Wilson. Also, Brown's parents can (and should) file a civil lawsuit against Wilson. Especially since he "earned" almost $500,000 via a GoFundMe account. He killed their kid, got a paid vacation for 110 days and made money via donations. This killer needs to pay what he owes. I would prefer him to be left penniless and destitute and in jail. May God hear my prayers. I am so sorry, Michael Brown. I hope you are resting in peace. 

"A black ribbon is a symbol of remembrance and mourning. Used also as a political statement. And in this case, a Black ribbon to also represent racial hate crime." Black ribbon for Michael Brown.

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