Friday, November 21, 2014

I Know You Care

"That Beyonce' reign just won't let up." Last weekend, it was all about Solange and those gorgeous wedding photos. This weekend, Beyonce' decided to break the internet herself. She did so in the form of a very cutesy video. Her new single is "7/11" and it's on the Platinum edition of "Beyonce'." It comes out next week. Now, truthfully, I have NO clue what the song is about. The lyrics are all over the place. I know it will get me hype if I'm getting ready to go out because it has that kind of feel. But, the beat is dope and feels very much like H-town. What won me over was this video. It looks like it was shot on an iPhone 6s and it is e-very-thing!!! I love how it shows Beyonce' being a carefree Black girl. I am here for it. Get into it below and enjoy!

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