Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On A Tuesday...

  1.  I hate when I wake up from a dream don't fully understand. Because it tends to haunt me. I cannot shake the one I had yesterday. It wasn't a nightmare, it was just odd. I don't like it.
  2. As a natural fixer and nurturer, it bothers me when I am in a situation when I cannot do that. When the people in my life won't let me do what is as common to me as breathing. But, I am learning that it's not my place to fix everything and everyone. Hard lesson but a much needed one at this phase of my life. 
  3. There is something I say to myself every morning. It hurts me to say it but I have to. Even though, there is a part of me that knows it isn't true. I have to say it and make myself believe it. It's needed in order for me to get through to the next phase. This is weird, I know but necessary.
  4. Teyana Taylor's "VII" was released last week. It is an R&B hit. I haven't listened to much else. "Business," "Dreams," and "Broken Hearted Girl" are my standout favorites. But, I adore the whole project. Awesome work. Get into it.
  5. Rum punch may quite possibly be my favorite thing to drink now. It was my drink of choice this past weekend via the open bar at the surprise party.
  6. This gif depicts my entire life. Because it is accurate and relevant to so many things. Need. A mighty one. #FixItJesus
  7. This grand jury ruling is 95 days too late and they still haven't rendered one yet. The people of Ferguson are bracing for war. I do not believe that Michael Brown will get justice. It's so sad, wrong and pathetic. 
  8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE random compliments, giving and receiving them. Last week in Target, I saw a gorgeous Black woman with the most glorious natural hair and cutest coat. I had to stop her to tell her. Her face lit up. Made us both feel good. Similarly, a Black girl stopped me in the mall to compliment my hair and lipstick. Made my day. And, not for nothing, being told you are dope as fuck or fine as fuck (albeit vulgar) will forever be the best kind of compliments in my book. 
  9. Everything is changing. Some things in the right, good direction and for that I am grateful. Other things are fading away. It's sad but necessary. And, I am thankful for those as well. I know that whatever is for me will be mine because God says so. I am staying prayerful. That is all I can do.
  10. The itch to cut all of my hair off is real. I love the length it is now. but, I keep seeing fly short natural cuts that I dig. I might have to do something different for my birthday. I'm not sure yet. 

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