Saturday, November 15, 2014

Not My Moses

Just saw a trailer for ”Exodus Gods and Kings” and got angry again. I totally forgot about this farce of a movie. A movie set in biblical times in Africa with no people of color in prominent roles. What is Hollywood's obsession with white washing all of history? This movie is set in Egypt. Egypt is a country on the continent of Africa. The bones of the first man and woman were found in Africa. Jesus has never, will never be a blond haired, blue eyed white man to me. It's just not possible. Even if you aren't a big believer in religion or the Bible, facts are always facts. I also find it funny that white people want to claim all Biblical people as their own. But, if you tell them that the devil is white, they get upset. No, you cannot pick and choose which ones work for you. There is no way on God's green Earth that I would pay money to sit through this revisionist version of the Bible. It took me almost a decade to watch "The Passion of the Christ" for some of these same reasons. I cannot get behind a tale that people in Egypt are a)not African and b)not Black. Mainly because both of those things are dead wrong. 

There has been a huge push back about this movie via social media. Through the hashtags #BoycottExodusMovie and #NotMyMoses (this was started by Kid Fury of "The Read" which is a great podcast). There is also this Twitter account Boycott Exodus. There is even a Facebook page entitled "Boycott Ridley Scott's Exodus." I hit the like button swiftly. I just do not get Hollywood's obsession with whitewashing everything. They are try to erase our history in front of our faces. In what world are Ramses and Moses white men??? And, Cleopatra is a white woman? No ma’am, no sir. This does not compute, baby. It’s disgusting and unbelievable. Do. Not. Want. This phenomenon of erasing Black people from prominent historical stories is just sad. It's as if the people who have caused the most harm want to pretty up their pasts. It's the exact same thing that is currently happening in schools with the great literary works. Editing books like "Huck Finn" to eliminate the word "nigger" is whitewashing how cruel and sick white people have been historically. Sorry, Satan, but you cannot hide all the dirt that your ancestors have done. Listen, Hollywood, stop the madness. Black people want to see people who look like us on the big screen as well. We want our stories told correctly. One can eliminate an entire race of people who are so important to the overall development of a society. Until that day, I will be sitting any movie out that looks to celebrate whiteness will eliminating any sign of my Blackness. So, on December 12th, do yourself a favor, Boycott "Exodus of Gods and Kings" and we can show Hollywood more than we can tell them. 

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