Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Poetry Corner XVI: "I Told God"

I was reading my Bible this morning
Romans 8:18-27 and I came across something.
There it was in my signature purple ink
my name alongside yours written across the edge of the page.
I write on everything and this isn't the first time 
I’ve found your name in my books
But, this was different, it was in my Bible.
next to the words of God.
I loved you so much I told God about you
I prayed for you.
I wrote down my feelings about you.
Seeing your name in this sacred place haunts me.
Because how could I be so wrong about a love that felt so right?
I put your name in my Bible along with my thoughts, hopes, & dreams.
Because I thought we were meant to be, supposed to last, that forever kind of love.
We did not and now we are past tense.
Now, I'm sitting here cutting your name of this page
Because it no longer feels like home.
It no longer belongs to me.
I still pray for you.
That’s how I know it was real.
                                    -- Kenda

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