Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The List

There are so many things I want to work on in this my 35th year. I decided to come up with a list of things I will and will not be doing as a 35 year old Black woman. I want so many things out of life. But, I know the only way to get them is to work on this list of things. I am my own worst enemy. This is my life and I deserve the world so I'm going to get it. By any means necessary. Get into my list.

  1. Talking down to myself. 
  2. Second guessing myself.
  3. No more word vomit. 
  4. I'll no longer feel sorry for myself about one specific thing.
  5. I won't compare my life/story to any other person.
  6. I won't stay up late at night contemplating the universe.
  7. I won't look back anymore. What's done is done.
  8. Even if I'm having a bad hair day, I won't complain about my natural hair.
  9. I won't get a relaxer (perm).
  10. I will no longer say "I'm ok" or "I'm fine" when I am not. 
  11. I won't hang onto the possibility of things. 
  12. I will no longer pretend that I'm not feeling what I'm feeling.
  13. I will no longer hide.
  14. I won't pretend with anyone anymore. If I do not like you, sorry for you.
  15. I will no longer compromise my feelings for anyone else.
  16. I will not shed another tear over people/places/things that wouldn't do the same for me.
  17. I will no longer write about my past.
  18. *Things I will do* Laugh more.
  19. Be more social and less active on social media.
  20. Be more prayerful.
  21. Read my Bible more.
  22. Complain less.
  23. Compliment people randomly.
  24. Go to bed earlier so I can sleep more.
  25. I will own every single thing that happens to me, for me, because of me. 
  26. I will jump head first into the next big thing.
  27. I will ask for what I want and go after everything I deserve.
  28. I will smile and enjoy my life more.
  29. Write something daily. 
  30. I will step out on faith in all areas. 
  31. Clean out my closets, literally and figuratively. 
  32. Love me more. 
  33. Appreciate and love on the people who came into my life and stayed.
  34. I will exude my Black Girl Magic everywhere I go. 
  35. I will be unapologetic about being myself in all arenas. 

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