Friday, December 19, 2014

It's My Hair: A Year In Review

The year is almost coming to a close. It has been a fabulous hair year for me. Going into my 3rd natural year, I decided to experiment a little bit more this year. I watched my hair grow longer which is a plus. But, since returning to my natural state, I've been moved by the volume (or bigness) of my hair as opposed to length. I am all about big hair these days. There is something to be said about the extra boost of confidence that I've gained since I changed my hair. I do not miss those days of getting a relaxer. But, I cannot lie, I miss the days of sitting in the hair salon and my old hair stylist. Haven't been to a shop in almost 4 years now. It has been the most interesting journey with me learning how to do my natural hair. It has gotten easier once I was fully natural. The transitioning stage was tough.

This year has been the easiest ons so far. I attribute it to the fact that I've gotten use to my hair now. I know what works for the most part and what doesn't. I dyed my hair this year for the first time in years. It came out great. I will be redoing it soon. I have had the most fun learning to love the hair that grows out of my head naturally. I have only had two moments when I contemplated returning to the relaxed life. They were both after failed twist outs. They were also very fleeting moments. I really just love the way my hair feels and looks. This has been the defining year for me and my hair. As you can tell by all the pictures, I've really enjoyed my hair. I've mastered the braid out, the wash n go, the bantu knot out and the blow out. In the following year, I will make it my business to master the two strand and three strand twists. I am looking forward to more growth, healthier hair and lots of width in my hair. Big hair or nothing in 2015. Hope every other naturalista has had a great 2014 hairwise as well.  Get into my hair 😇 🎉

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