Tuesday, December 02, 2014

My Last Random Thoughts of 2014

  • I had the absolute best Thanksgiving holiday! I enjoyed my family so much. It was good to see them and hang out. The holiday was filled with so much laughter, which I can never get enough of. It was chicken soup for the soul. 
  • I took some time Thanksgiving morning to reflect on all the things I have to be thankful for. I need to do that more often. It's far too easy to get caught up in all the things that I want and do not have yet. I am so thankful. 
  • When my hair looks good, I feel great. Which is why my weekend was so dope. My perfect braid out was perfect. And, even on day 4, it was still fab. You gotta love natural hair, right?
  • This week, I fell off my emotionless wagon. I'm sad because I was doing so well with it. It's hard for a woman like me to hold all of my emotions in. But, I have been doing just that. I slipped. I'll live. 
  • Mary J. Blige's new cd "The London Sessions" was released today. It's a new sound for her. "Whole Damn Year" is still my absolute fave. I'm not totally sold on the whole project. I gotta give it another listen or two. You should def get into it. 

  • I really need something to read. A series preferably. Something good. I haven't read in a few weeks and I'm annoyed by that. I have to correct that soon.
  • There is a quote that reads "Remember you were beautiful before he told you" and I swear I repeat it to myself a lot. When you are used to hearing terms of endearment and being compliment daily by one person and then it ends, there is a part of you that will always long for it. I hate that I yearn for it because it makes me feel weak in a way. But, honestly, who doesn't want to be seen in the best light by people? It is an ongoing battle. 
  • Mike Brown's killer was allowed to walk free without an indictment or a trial. He killed a boy and got a paid vacation. Eric Garner's killer, also a cop, wasn't indicted either. His death was ruled a homicide, the choke hold was illegal and yet his killer walked free. I do not feel safe here. I don't feel that my brothers, nephews, friends are safe here. I am the epitome of an angry Black woman today and I have every right to be.
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas was on last night. I watched it because I love it. I saw Frosty the Snowman last week. All I need to see is Rudolph and Frosty returns to complete my Christmas cartoon trip down memory lane. I still love them all. 
  • It's been a hard lesson to learn when you realize other Black folks are not as concerned with certain Black issues. There is nothing worse than a self hating Black person. I can never understand it. Nor can one reason with that level of ridiculousness. All you can do is pray for them to be enlightened and to stay 100 feet from around me. Please. 

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