Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Get Into It: "Black Messiah"

It's been almost 15 years since D'Angelo (And The Vanguard) blessed us with a new project "Black Messiah." It's been almost 15 years too long since we heard his melodic tone. I've decided that this was a birthday gift for me. I have been a lifelong fan. His music has always been an experience for me. I couldn't wait to dig into this "Black Messiah" project. I listened to it early this morning. I was pleasantly surprised with every single track. It's an effortless flow of songs that speak to me. It is the perfect follow up to "Voodoo." It has that same funk era feel that made "Voodoo" so classic to me. There isn't one song that I dislike. My standout early favorites are "Another Life," "Really Love," "Betray My Heart," and "1000 Deaths." Those are the four that I've played the most today. D'Angelo sounds amazing on these tracks. 

 The above video has the whole project on it. It is also available on itunes and you can stream it for free on Spotify. I cannot stop playing it. It has been the soundtrack to my Monday and second full day of being 35. This is grown folks music at its best. I just know that this project will sound amazing with a live band in concert. Whenever he goes on tour, I will be there. I love the very earthly feels of "Black Messiah." It feels like home. It's odd how something so new can still feel old and very familiar. I love that he took the Beyonce' approach a full year after her with this surprise release. We all knew D'Angelo was working on new music but none of us had any idea when or if we would get it. This project is a gift that I am fully prepared to enjoy for weeks to come. If you are an old fan, you will deeply enjoy this. If you are new to D'Angelo, this is a great introduction. Get into everything that is D'Angelo and the Vanguard's "Black Messiah." It's worth it. 

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