Saturday, December 20, 2014

Just Because I Felt Like It: Dope Interviews

I learned of Nicki Minaj by word of mouth a few years back. I instantly became a fan once I heard "Itty Bitty Piggy," "Go Hard," & "Still I Rise." Actually, "Still I Rise" is STILL one of my fave Nicki tracks. I knew she had it and she would be a big deal. Fast forward to the release of her third project aptly named "The Pinkprint," and I was more than right. I loved her debut "Pink Friday." I thought it was dope. I liked her second project "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" a lot less. Her features on everybody's songs made up for it though. But, "The Pinkprint" resonates with me. This album shows growth and maturity. It's the album of a 30+ woman who's been through some things. The album has an air of heartbreak to it, which is why I think I dig it so much. My favorite tracks are "Favorite," "I Lied," "Feeling Myself," "Want Som More," & "Get On Your Knees." I do not think that "Anaconda" fits the album nor did I like it. But, it's a solid project to me. 

What I am loving about this promo run are her interviews. Nicki has been so relatable in every one. Her best interviews have been with Angie Martinez on Power 105, Ebro on Hot 97, and Elliott Wilson's "CRWN" series. I had to include them here. Great material. I do not think I could be going through my first real heartbreak with the world watching. Nicki is handling it well. She said something that has stuck with me. "This breakup feels like a death" is something that I can identify with on so many levels. I do feel sorry for her because breakups suck and they are even worse when you're in love. I loved seeing this real side of her. Seeing her vulnerable makes her more relatable. I feel like this is the real Nicki on this project. I am glad to finally meet her. She has made me a renewed fan. Gone are the days of the crazy outfits, colorful wigs and "safe" pop records. "The Pinkprint" feels familiar in so many ways. Get into it and these dope Nicki Minaj interviews.  

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