Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Poetry Corner XVII: Poetry Inspired By The Clock

"1:43 am"

A dream awakens me 
Now I’m yearning for the relief only you can bring 
Need to hear your voice, feel your touch 
It’s been far too long since you’ve told me to cum for you 
I need it, need you 
Fingertips glide over wet lips 
Slowly touching the innermost piece of me 
All soft and pink and tight and wet 
It’s your name on my lips as my fingertips bring me closer to ecstasy 
Your voice I hear in my head 
Hard nipples and shallow breaths  
As my fingers go in dry and come out wet  
I am chasing your voice to euphoria 
My body is hot 
I need this release 
Have to do this 
I curse as my leg starts to shake 
Run my thumb over my clit pretending it’s yours 
Panting your name while fucking myself 
I can hear you so clearly talking to me 
coaxing my orgasm from me while I quiver deeply 
"That’s it sweetheart" and then with you in mind, it occurs  
my soul shakes and I am calling out your name 
Sleep comes quickly and I meet you in my dreams 
I guess anything is better than a reality where you no longer exist


"2 am..." 

It's 2 o'clock in the morning & I cannot sleep. 
It's 2 o'clock in the morning & all I'm really craving right now is you.  
Your very sleepy voice saying my name. 
That thought really shouldn't comfort me the way it does. 
I am very good at faking how I'm feeling when it comes to you. 
I pray all the time to be free from the ache of you. 
I don't like being this woman. 
I feel less than more often than I should. 
It's been way too long and I should be totally over you, right? 
I shouldn't want you anymore.  
The memory of who you were to me shouldn't haunt me. 
Loving you should be past tense. 
But, it's 2 o'clock in the morning & you're the only person on my mind. 
I can't figure out if this is my definition of heaven or hell. 

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